Monday, 29 July 2013

Famous Celebrities with Green eyes

Celebrities with green eyes

Green eyes are special eyes. We all know some people with brown and blue eyes but what about the green ones? Let's take a look in Hollywood and find some celebrities with green eyes. The first celebrity with green eyes we probably all know is Kirsten Stewart (Twilight). Also Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron and David Beckham all have green coloured eyes.

Kirsten Stewart with dark green eyes

People with green eyes

Of course, there are more people with green eyes. Remember Tom Welling? The Superman from Smallville also had green eyes. Also Angelina Jolie and ''Clair Bear'' from Heroes both have green eyes. 

Tom Welling with lighter green eyes

Even more Celebs with green eyes

Also Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan have green eyes. Of course, when we take a close look at their irisses, we see a lot variation in its brightness. Some people have light green eyes, some have them very dark, almost brown/yellow. Light green eyes have low levels of melanin and a mediate amount of lipochrome. This lipochrome makes eyes a little bit yellowish. Eyes with a huge amount of lipochrome (and very little melanin) look yellow. Genes responsible for the lipochrome production are very rare. This is the main reason why green (and amber) eyes are very rare. 

''Clair Bear'' (Hayden Penettiere) with green eyes


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  4. What about Jensen Ackles? Maybe not totally Hollywood but also not that unknown and DAMN he's got green eyes.

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