Sunday, 18 August 2013

Make your eye colour lighter with honey

How to make your eye colour lighter: honey

Can you make your eyes a little bit lighter with honey? Some people believe in the power of honey and use it on their eyes for a lighter eye colour. Of course, it is interesting to know how and why honey lightens up the eye colour. Is it true or just a myth? Let's find out if honey really lightens up your eye colour.

Honey change your eye colour?

You've probably heard about honey. Just a few drops of honey mixed with some water will change your eye colour from darker brown to a more subtle lighter brown. Some people claim that it should change your eye colour just very slightly when you use it on a frequently basis. 

Eye colour is determined by your genes

Let's get it over with: no it won't work

Honey does not change your eye colour in a more subtle, ligther or even brighter colour. Your eye colour is determined by your genes (dna). If you have genes responsible for brown eyes, your eyes turn brown. You can not change your colour just by putting honey on your eyes. Actually, what you are doing is putting honey on your cornea. There are no pigment (eumelanin) cells in your cornea so no change in eye colour is possible. 

Is honey dangerous for your eyes?

Is honey harmful for your eyes? Well, normally it is not very harmful when it is pure and not contaminated. Of course, honey will not lighten your eyes. Honey has a natural anti bacterial effect. For this reason people use it as a treatment on their eyes (eye trauma's or pink eye). 

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