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Sunglasses trends 2014

Sunglasses trends 2014

Nice, trendy sunglasses! We want to wear the best sunglasses every time of the year. Summer, spring, winter it doesn't really matter for us. Of course, we only want to wear the trendiest sunglasses. 

What are the new trends when it comes to eyewear? Round, big shades or classic and natural sunglasses this time? Is it also important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light?

Sunglasses made out of wood

New sunglasses (and eyewear in general) are all natural and made out of wood. This new trend is not really new. We've seen these types of sunglasses before but they will probably be more visible in 2014. Wooden sunglasses are in most cases made out of bamboo. Bamboo is light, strong and very flexible and is therefore the ideal material for sunglasses. Some well known brands are:

  • Shwood
  • Woodt
  • Palowood 

Which sunglass suits me best?
Shwood Sunglasses

It can be pretty hard finding the right eyewear/shade this summer. We'll find a lot of new materials and different shapes. Finding the right sunglass for women is especially challenging since there are a lot of models/frames to choose from. 

Probably the most popular models are the aviator sunglasses. These timeless shades are suitable for both women and men

Your head shape determines the right sunglass

That's right! Take a close look at the shape of your face. Is it round or squarer? Is it a little bit triangulated or perhaps shaped like a heart? There are even people with faces that look like a diamond. When it comes to finding the right glasses (eyewear), it is important to look at the shape of your face. It is always best to choose a model that is the exact opposite of your head shape. 

My face is round

When you have a round shaped face, it is best when you choose a squared model. People with a round face look friendly and soft. The jawline is probably round as well. A square style will make the look of your face a little bit more mature.

My face is oval

People with an oval face shape have a typical model face. Top models such as Doutzen Kroes, the Brazilian Adriana Lima and the British model Kate Moss all have oval shaped faces. The face is longer than it is wide (the width of the face is about 1/3 then the length of the face) with a strong visible jawline and cheekbones. People with an oval face can wear any kind of sunglass. 

My face is more rectangle

When the face is rectangle, the face is long and wide. The upper half of the head is almost even wide as the lower part of the face. It is best to choose for a round styled sunglass. A smaller model makes the face a little mort softer and friendlier. 

My face is heart-shaped

When your face is shaped like a heart it means the upper half of your face is wider than the lowest part. Your chin is sharp. It is best to choose a sunglass that is wider on the lower half. 

Protect your eyes with an UV block

Eyes are very fragile and are easily damaged by electromagnetic radiation. This radiation from the sun is called ultraviolet light. It is important to wear sunglasses with an UV block to protect the sensitive retina, cornea and lens. It is important that both types of UV radiation (UVA and UVB rays) is blocked. 

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