Friday, 5 April 2013

Amber eye colour: twilight for real

Amber eye colour in humans

Have you ever heard of the amber eye colour? Do you know what it is? Only a small number of people know someone with these extremely special eye colour. Around the world, only less then 1% has the amber eye colour. Amber eyes may even be the rarest eye colour in the world!

The pigment responsible for the amber colour is lipochrome. This yellowish pigment also exist in green eyes. The amber eye colour has a lot of this yellow lipochrome but a low amount of melanin. Sometimes, when the light shines on the iris, amber eyes shines like two golden coins. This ''light scattering'' is called rayleigh scattering. 

Amber Eyes

Amber or Hazel eyes?

Sometimes people confuse amber with hazel eyes. Amber eyes are of a solid uniform colour. The color can shift some due light effects, but the overall colour is the same. Hazel eyes tend to be more multicolourish. They can have green, brown and some golden/red flecks in it.

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