Friday, 5 April 2013

Eye colours around the world

What eye colours are there?

There are a lot of different eye colours. The colour you'll find most is brown. This colour is the dominant colour in the human species. Secondly, hazel and some other brownish variations are quite common. Blue, a recessive colour, is quite rare in most countries, though some areas have a lot of blue-eyed people. Green and amber are both also extremely rare.

The United States of America (the US)

This country used to be a blue-eyed country but that changed over time. Nowadays, brown is the dominant colour. However, when we only focus on the caucasian American population, blue (light) eyes are more proiment (around 60%).
Ryan Taylor: Canadian model


Canadians have definitely more ''blue'' in their eyes then Americans. Around 67% have blue (light) eyes.


The Scandinavian countries obviously has the most blue eyed people. Almost 88% of the Swedes are blue eyed. The same counts for Norway. Finland has slightly more lighter eyes (89%) and Denmark a little bit less (85%).

The United Kingdom

Scots are the most blue (light) eyed people in the UK. Around 80% of the Scottish people have blue/green irises. England has also a high percentage of light eyes, around the 74%. Wales slightly less: 68%. 

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