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Eye colour in Europe

The most dominant eye colour in Europe

A lot of people are interested in eye colours. Why? Because it is one of the most unique features humans have. Also, it is the most interesting trait we can see directly. There are a lot of different eye colours and each colour seems to be a unique one. No colour is the same. There is always a small variation between different humans.
Richard's blue eyes are not the same as Tom's. In Europe, the most dominant eye colour is brown. Of course, when we look at specific regions, the brown eye colour is less common. In the northern part of Europe, blue, green and grey eyes are a lot more common and are most of the time the dominant eye colours. In the southern part, brown is the dominant eyecolour.

Typical Mid-North European Look

Northern Europe

Indeed, blue is most common in the northern part of Europe. Also the east has a lot of blue eyed people. Countries like Poland and Belarus have quite a lot of light eyed people. Also the west has more light eyed residentials. The UK is still very light eyed. Iceland and Schotland as well. The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark are also extremely light eyed countries. Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland are probably the fairest of them all.

Southern Europe

The more you look to the south, the more brown eyes you will see. It already starts in Belgium. This country has significant more darker eyed people than it's neighbouring countries. Also France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are a lot darker in general. 

Map of eye colours

There are a lot of different eye colours in Europe, but we see most light eye colours in northern Europe and most darker eye colours in southern Europe. Of course, there are also light eyes in the southern parts and darker onces in the north.

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Dark vs. Light eyes in Europe

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